What does it cost?

Budgets are a concern for everyone. So many variables are involved in every photo shoot it’s just about impossible to nail down a pricing schedule that works for everyone. Many factors go into pricing a photo shoot, including expenses such as travel. A short conversation is all that’s necessary to produce an estimate in most cases. Give me a call!

What is your turnaround time?

Once again, there can be a lot of variables in post production of any photography project. Let’s just say that I do not like to have a photography project sitting on my hard drive… I’m a lot happier when it is in your hands. In a hurry? Just let me know, I’ll work hard to accommodate your needs.

The last photographer I worked with was difficult to get along with. What about you?

I do my absolute best to make the whole process of producing quality work (on time and within budget) as easy as possible for you. You have a lot on your plate… I want you to feel confident our business together will go as smoothly as possible.

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